Uplevel Your Cloud Security with CloudLock and Check Point For security teams that need to combat the growing landscape of advanced cyberthreats, gathering intelligence from across the enterprise – and understanding…

Uplevel Your Cloud Security with CloudLock and Check Point

Michael Gleason

I spend my days (and nights) explaining how the strengths of the cloud – high availability, scalability, and interoperability – can help us overcome what is often considered its greatest weakness: security.


For security teams that need to combat the growing landscape of advanced cyberthreats, gathering intelligence from across the enterprise – and understanding the context – is essential. A single piece of the puzzle can make the difference between preventing a breach and suddenly pursuing a new career. As a barista.

Security professionals are tasked with not only deciphering dozens of technologies and data streams, but understanding how they relate to one another, which often involves hours of diving headfirst down digital rabbit holes in an earnest attempt to piece together the big picture.

There’s Got To Be A Better Way!

CloudLock and Check Point have combined forces to not only simplify, but improve security for modern enterprises. It’s no mystery that Check Point’s firewall solution is embraced by thousands of customers, having earned recognition as a Leader in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewall.

CloudLock and Check PointCloudLock and Check Point have partnered to unify data protection on-premises and in public cloud environments, with a specific focus on employees’ unsanctioned (“Shadow IT”) cloud app usage both on-premises and beyond the corporate network as well as malware.

For a quick demo of what these capabilities look like, check out this video:

Cloud App Usage

What’s the problem? Shadow IT applications create risk in multiple ways, including data loss through unauthorized channels, the introduction of malware into the environment, and compromised user identities. As revealed in our Q3 2015 Cybersecurity Report, the average organization has over 500 unique third-party apps enabled through corporate credentials.CloudLock and Check Point

What are we doing? Together, CloudLock and Check Point provide unified visibility into Shadow IT, discovering cloud apps used by employees regardless of how and where users access them, including both on and off the corporate network and with or without corporate credentials.

Why is it a game changer? Comprehensive cloud app discovery is a difficult challenge for security teams. Existing CASB solutions miss the mark in this regard, as they focus solely on “discovering” cloud application usage on the corporate network (pro tip: you already have a tool for that, just pull some log files).

CloudLock has taken an alternative approach, surfacing instances of employees using corporate credentials to authorize cloud applications through OAuth (long story short, apps with connections to sanctioned cloud apps with the potential to access, modify, and/or exfiltrate corporate data). Complementing this capability with on-network discovery courtesy of Check Point, an established industry leader (rather than the redundant, inferior technology some CASB vendors are peddling), makes for truly comprehensive cloud app discovery and control.

Malware Detection and Eradication

What’s the problem? As terrestrial threats spread to cloud environments, security teams are playing catch up to achieve security parity across the organizations and discover malware in the cloud.

What are we doing? CloudLock has tapped into Check Point’s advanced threat emulation and malware detection capabilities to identify malware lurking within files hosted in cloud environments.

Why is it a game changer? The ability to leverage Check Point’s powerful malware detection is only the beginning. CloudLock complements this with a configurable, automated quarantine response to swiftly mitigate risk by isolating malicious files for security review. Game over.

We’re Just Getting Started

CloudLock and Check PointTo learn more about how CloudLock and Check Point are working together to deliver superior security for the modern enterprise, read our joint solution brief.

And for hands-on security pros looking to simplify their day-to-day detective work through smarter security solutions that talk to one another, stay tuned – we’re just getting started and could not be more excited to share what we’ve been working on.


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