CloudLock Acquires Talent and Technology of Innovode I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that as of today we’ve acquired the talent and core technology of Innovode. Based out of…

CloudLock Acquires Talent and Technology of Innovode

Gil Zimmermann

Under Gil’s leadership as CEO and co-founder, CloudLock has grown into the market leader for cloud cybersecurity with tens of millions of enterprise users secured by CloudLock’s products.


I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that as of today we’ve acquired the talent and core technology of Innovode. Based out of Bristol, UK, Innovode is a tremendously talented organization that focuses on solving high profile, high value security problems in the cloud. The addition of Innovode’s talent, expertise and core technology will help us to continue to be one of the most innovative cloud security solution providers in the industry. Our customers will be able to identify sensitive information, automatically classify it, and protect it without impacting users, more easily and effectively than ever before.

Our focus is to help organizations that are moving to the cloud in order to work more efficiently, collaboratively, and globally. Increasingly, they also understand that the role and approach of security must evolve as part of this change.

Cloud adoption means that users can directly collaborate on documents with partners, discuss challenges with their peers, and engage with customers in real time as never before. Technologies like Google Apps and Salesforce are redrawing the boundaries between IT and the business and accelerating the speed with which organizations can innovate and grow.

The cloud has also brought with it new challenges around protecting sensitive data.  Where a decade ago it was sufficient to focus on protecting the network and endpoint devices, today’s challenges are increasingly based in user behavior and action. Cloud security programs must begin with understanding, and offer ways to to educate and enable users so that they can work both effectively and securely.

Like CloudLock, Innovode is focused on creating new, people-centric, transformative solutions that do exactly that. As many of our customers can attest, cloud security must be as simple to use and as easy to deploy as the cloud services it protects, and must help meet operational and regulatory requirements without impairing users. Innovode’s team brings with them years of experience in creating exactly those kinds of offerings. They have created and deployed DLP, encryption, and compliance technologies in some of the largest enterprise organizations of the world, especially in the financial services sector.

We are incredibly excited and optimistic to be welcoming the Innovode team to CloudLock, and look forward to working together to continue to innovate and define the cloud security space. We will continue to help companies and teams securely embrace the cloud, and welcome you to join us on that journey. Stay tuned for what’s next to come!

Learn how this will accelerate our vision of becoming the people-centric security fabric of the cloud, read the press release.

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