Cloud Security for Media Companies – A Closer Look I hope you had a chance to read through our previous blog focusing on cloud security in the Media & Entertainment space. Today,…

Cloud Security for Media Companies – A Closer Look

Bill Bradley

As the Director of Product Marketing for CloudLock, Bill acts as the customer advocate and spends his time listening to the market, then sharing these insights throughout the business.




I hope you had a chance to read through our previous blog focusing on cloud security in the Media & Entertainment space. Today, we continue with a detailed look at how key organizations in the space have creatively solved customer problems while maintaining the necessary level of data protection.

Before we get started, how do we define M & E? It truly is a broad category, but it can be broken down into a handful of key sub-verticals:

  • Marketing and digital media agencies
  • Digital music and multimedia delivery (radio, for example)
  • Media technology providers
  • Film / video production firms
  • Print and online publications
  • And much more

While each segment has its own proprietary concerns, we found a couple common threads worth exploring.

Intellectual Property: A Universal Concern

In the M&E space, much of the finished product is in digital form – think of the music that you listen to, the movies and TV shows you watch (or stream or download), or media management software you use. These items are far easier to distribute or share without proper authority as compared with their physical alternatives.

There are websites dedicated to distributing music and movies that are “leaked early”, allowing you to be the first kid on the block with a shiny new toy. Granted, leaks can be intentional publicity generators, but in many cases this happens inadvertently and/or before the intended date. And once the horse has left the barn, getting it back in is nigh on impossible.

An equally scary situation can be the leak of an agency’s ad spend, juicy creatives, or – even worse – the fine details of clients’ campaigns. This article speaks about Unilever’s $5B (yes, billion!) annual ad spend being up and exposed for review. Not a pretty situation.

No matter how an organization fits into the M&E definition, security efforts are focused on protecting their digital assets – to bolster their revenue streams, and reputations, all at once.

Keeping an Eye On Regulated Information

Entertainment costs money to produce; companies need revenue to generate this content; people use credit cards to pay for media (simultaneously providing their contact information, too). Simple, right?

As an example, every month, the good people at Netflix charge my credit card to ensure a steady flow of information to help me pass the time at the gym. I expect Netflix to keep this information protected, and don’t care about their infrastructure – on-premises or cloud based. Each transaction like my own falls under the PCI data protection standards, and the more transactions, the more valuable the payload becomes for an external party to steal.

Protecting subscriber information and credit card information is what drives brand loyalty, credibility, and reinforces the promise that a brand truly is. I pay you money with the expectation of 1) value in terms of entertainment and 2) protection of my information. If the latter is compromised, I may turn elsewhere.

So What?

M&E companies simply cannot afford to take risks with their intellectual property or regulated information. With big money on the table, they must protect their critical information, whether it be their products or their customer information. And you guessed it, we can help.

CloudLock Security Fabric is designed to deliver visibility into who is sharing what and with whom, and offer the necessary measures to protect your data. CloudLock includes pre-configured policies around credit card numbers, personally identifiable information, and more to get your organization up and running in minutes with our cloud-native approach. No time-consuming configuration or hardware provisioning means protection begins immediately.

Are you wondering how digital assets are flowing within (and outside) your company, whether between partners, suppliers, competitors, or (gasp) the general public? Get a dedicated demo from one of our M&E specialists to learn how you can:

  • Protect your data from cybersecurity threats and inadvertent misuse
  • Reduce risk and meet regulatory compliance
  • Provide your team with a central auditing and forensics function across your public cloud applications

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