Hold On to Your Clouds: Cisco Completes Acquisition of CloudLock The current era of Cloud Security is officially over. Today marks the day that Cisco has completed its acquisition of CloudLock. Together,…

Hold On to Your Clouds: Cisco Completes Acquisition of CloudLock

Gil Zimmermann

Under Gil’s leadership as CEO and co-founder, CloudLock has grown into the market leader for cloud cybersecurity with tens of millions of enterprise users secured by CloudLock’s products.


The current era of Cloud Security is officially over. Today marks the day that Cisco has completed its acquisition of CloudLock. Together, we will establish a new bar for cloud security platforms that are simple, open, automated, effective, and, most importantly, enable people and their businesses to accelerate their secure journey to the cloud.

From its inception in 2011, CloudLock has taken a fundamentally different approach to cloud security. While others were allocating resources towards protecting people and businesses from the dangers of the cloud, CloudLock focused on enabling the secure adoption of cloud by leveraging the cloud’s greatest strengths—infinite and ubiquitous resources—to overcome its biggest hurdles, including perceived dangers, and inability to apply traditional infrastructure-centric security controls.

CloudLock’s commitment to transform cloud security from “protecting from the cloud” to “secure enablement in the cloud” has been backed by a culture of endless pursuit of growth and improvement. Being a CloudLocker has meant pushing your individual and collective boundaries and being entrepreneurial at every stage of our existence.

Today, we join Cisco to accelerate our vision and transformation of cloud security. Cisco and CloudLock were drawn to each other by a set of shared values, with a similar approach to problem solving based on simple, open, automated, and effective security solutions. Both organizations put our customers first. The combination of pioneering thought and execution leadership, massive investment, and an exceptional track record led us to join forces. Together, we will provide customers with the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security solution.

Personally, I cannot be more excited to lead CloudLock on this next major chapter in its life, while also leveraging the immense braintrust and operating power of one of the world’s largest security organizations, leading the way on a global level. We’ve never been better positioned to deliver for our customers and invest in our platform. While our mission remains the same, our ability to execute on that mission has, to say it modestly, significantly improved:

  • From dozens of go-to-market executioners to thousands of security specialists and tens of thousands of dedicated go-to-market professionals in every geography.
  • From dozens of CloudLock enabled partners to hundreds of thousands of Cisco partners that are helping customers address their security needs every day.
  • (Most importantly) From 160 amazing, talented CloudLockers who wake up every morning eager to tackle the toughest problems on the planet in an endless pursuit to make our customers successful, to well over 70,000 welcoming Cisco team members that do the exact same thing for customers.

We are proud of what we’ve built, and are excited to take the next step in our journey on the solid foundation CloudLock and Cisco have now created. We’re looking forward to expanding our reach and helping more and more organizations accelerate their secure cloud journey.

As the legendary Blue Angels like to say, we’re not perfect and we know it, we will continuously work to improve from here, and mostly, we are glad to be here. #gladtobehere

We are CloudLock! We are Cisco!


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