BaaS, SaaS, and the Cloud Data Protection in Between Wow, what a world we live in today. Everything runs as a service: transportation as a service, information running on leased storage…

BaaS, SaaS, and the Cloud Data Protection in Between

Eran Cohen

As a Senior Product Manager for CloudLock, Eran couples over 15 years of experience in product management, sales, and technical services with an unbridled passion for technology.


Cloud Data Protection


Wow, what a world we live in today. Everything runs as a service: transportation as a service, information running on leased storage in the cloud, cloud applications. Everything is so easy, available, and flexible. When I talk to my daughter about the days of telephones with wires, she laughs.

Have you heard of BaaS? It stands for Bicycle as a Service, and it is offered in nearly every major city. The service provider will fix a tire if it’s gone flat, replace a torn seat, maintain the brakes – you get the idea.

But the service provider has no control over your cycling, your usage of their bike. In all actuality, they claim zero responsibility for your operation of the bicycle, leaving the riders responsible for protecting themselves.

Some riders will wear helmets, some will obediently follow the rules of the road, while others will simply hope for the best. It’s not all that different when it comes to SaaS applications.

From Bikes to the Cloud

SaaS providers will gladly fix and protect the infrastructure their platform relies on. Vulnerabilities such as XSS against the service interface will be fixed. Infrastructure vulnerabilities such as POODLE will be addressed – possibly even through disabling functionality. Threats such as Trojan variants that target the SaaS application end users will be treated.

But, similarly to BaaS, the service provider is not responsible for securing end user behavior. And they are especially not responsible for addressing security across multiple cloud applications. This is where true cloud data protection comes into play.

Effective cloud data protection solutions live and breathe in the cloud – where the majority of traffic is. In fact, much of today’s traffic doesn’t only touch the cloud – it never leaves the cloud. This leaves legacy, on-premises solutions in the dark.

Powerful cloud data protection solutions help organizations shift the focus of the “cloud conversation” away from the risk of cloud adoption and towards a results-focused dialogue on how to take advantage of all the benefits cloud applications offer.

Forrester agrees, expressing their thought that cloud data protection is a “mandatory” security control for organizations leveraging cloud applications.

Forrester on Cloud Data Protection

Looking to learn more about security and cloud applications? Learn what Forrester has to say in their Cloud Data Protection industry report.


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