Intelligently Automating Encryption in the Cloud Cloud security should be seamless. It is no longer acceptable for security controls to be forced on users that negatively impact performance…

Intelligently Automating Encryption in the Cloud

Russell Miller

Russell Miller has spent over nine years in network security in various roles, from ethical hacking to marketing. As Director of Product Marketing at CloudLock, he evangelizes cloud security as a business enabler.


Automating-EncryptionCloud security should be seamless. It is no longer acceptable for security controls to be forced on users that negatively impact performance and break native SaaS app functionality.

Encryption has been one of the last bastions of traditional on-premise security trying to operate in a SaaS-first world. However, indiscriminate encryption of data breaks the promise of security as a business enabler by bringing a heavy-handed approach and detracting from some of the agility of SaaS apps.

CloudLock offers a vastly different approach, with intelligent Selective Encryption that enables cloud users to discover, classify, and encrypt their most sensitive data, ensuring it is protected, while still empowering users with the full functionality of their SaaS applications.

Unlike other solutions, CloudLock Selective Encryption offers:

  • The ability to collaborate on encrypted files
  • No performance degradation of user experience
  • No single point-of-failure
  • No changes to network topology

Today, CloudLock is taking this concept a step further by making encryption an automated and seamless part of our Security Fabric. When sensitive data is uploaded to a cloud service, CloudLock can automatically encrypt that data according to highly-configurable, policy-driven rules.

So How Does It Work? An Example.

A company:

  • Handles finance data across a range of locations
  • Needs to prevent this data from being exposed beyond their Finance department
  • Creates a policy in CloudLock to detect and take action when information, such as credit card and account numbers are discovered within their cloud service. This information needs to be encrypted, with access restricted to the Finance department.

A user:

  • Receives a file with finance data in plain-text, but doesn’t realize it
  • Uploads the file to their cloud service

The CloudLock Security Fabric:

  • Detects the file that was uploaded
  • Compares the file’s contents to the company’s set of policies and detects a policy violation
  • Automatically encrypts the file and removes sharing beyond the Finance department
  • Alerts both the user and the platform administrator of the violation

This new automated response action continues CloudLock’s commitment to risk-appropriate security, while having no impact on the end user. This latest capability adds to our ability to automatically quarantine information in multiple platforms when policy violations are detected.


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