Application Governance — LinkedIn Intro Late last week, LinkedIn released a new iOS app, LinkedIn Intro. The move itself was not overly surprising, given the Mountain View…

Application Governance — LinkedIn Intro


Late last week, LinkedIn released a new iOS app, LinkedIn Intro. The move itself was not overly surprising, given the Mountain View company’s acquisition of Rapportive in February of last year. The Intro app is designed to show users contextual information about who they are communicating over email with, and in doing so, enhance their ability to communicate meaningfully.

Application Governance LinkedIn-Intro App

A number of customers have reached out to our support team recently, asking us what our position was regarding Intro in light of its unusual install path. Intro is not driven from the App Store, but rather, via a unique workflow that sends an SMS to an iOS device, containing a link to an installation that prompts the device’s owner to accept an OAUTH workflow that grants Intro mailbox access and permissions.

Application Governance Linkedin-Intro App PermissionsApplication Governance Linkedin-Intro SMSWhile CloudLock does not provide per-app reviews, or have a specific position regarding the use of Intro, we do suggest that our customers consider the potential risk of allowing any application to access Google Apps accounts. We ran a test to determine if Intro would be detected by Apps Firewall, and found that it is both identified and can be controlled via the CloudLock platform.

If you are an Apps Firewall customer and wish to see which of your users have granted LinkedIn Intro access to your Google Apps accounts, the process is straightforward. After a scan is completed, look for LinkedIn Intro in the End User Installed Apps panel:

Application Governance Linkedin-Intro Apps Firewall LinkedIn Intro

You can easily see which users have authorized the application via the users list (the “1” in the screenshot above); you can also immediately select the application and revoke its access via the Actions menu, if you wish to restrict its use to personal accounts.

Application Governance Linkedin-Intro Apps Firewall Revoke Application ActionIf you are not currently a customer of Apps Firewall, and if you would like this level of visibility, we can help. Drop us an email and we’d be happy to work with you to deploy Apps Firewall.

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