5 Cybersecurity Resolutions to Make for the New Year Every New Year’s Eve, we all watch the ball drop. But with cybersecurity, dropping the ball can mean introducing your organization to…

5 Cybersecurity Resolutions to Make for the New Year

Zack Gross

With a passion for all things tech and creative, I spend my time helping people discover how cloud cybersecurity protects and enables businesses all at once.


Every New Year’s Eve, we all watch the ball drop. But with cybersecurity, dropping the ball can mean introducing your organization to extreme risk. With 2016 right around the corner, here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions that apply both to everyday life, and to cybersecurity.

1. This year I’ll spend less and save more

CloudLock New Year’s ResolutionsI promise to walk instead of driving, cook instead of ordering take-out, and cancel every membership or subscription service I have (except for my gym membership– see number 5.) But if I end up deciding it’s too cold not to drive in winter, or there’s just no time to cook, at least I can save my business money by keeping our data secure.

When cyberattacks occur there can be serious financial repercussions for your organization. Investing time and resources in cybersecurity to identify and prevent threats is a great way to ensure you save your organization big bucks down the road.

2. This year I’ll finally quit [insert bad habit here]

Procrastinating, texting while driving, forgetting to return phone calls, racking up credit card debt… These are some of the most common bad habits out there. But 2016 is the year when we’ll finally put an end to them, right? Well, if not… You can help rid your organization of bad habits.

Are people accidentally storing sensitive data in shared folders? Are users authorizing apps with high access scopes using their corporate credentials? It’s time to stop putting security on the back burner. Take time to monitor and put an end to your users’ risky habits.

3. This year I’ll learn something new every day

CloudLock New Year’s ResolutionsIn 2016, I plan on enrolling in new classes, signing up for webinars, visiting museums, and reading tons of new books! But, if life gets in the way of all that–and by ‘life’ I mean my aggressive binge-watching schedule–at least I can rest assured that my company will continue to learn new things each day by embracing cybersecurity.

A successful company stays committed to educating users about what they can do to stay secure. Plus, by better understanding where your organization’s risk lies, you’ll constantly learn new ways to embrace cloud technology and achieve increased levels of productivity and collaboration.

4. This year I’ll stop stressing the small stuff

There’s no sense in losing sleep over things we can’t control. 2016 is the year I vow to stop getting bogged down by inconsequential worries and start directing my energy toward impactful things that truly matter.

By honing in on the types of cyberthreats that are top priorities in your industry, you can take care of them relatively effortlessly. There’s no need to wade through a sea of security alerts when you can target the most harmful threats and remediate them instantly. (For a breakdown of cybersecurity concerns by industry, check out our awesome report here!)

5. This year I’ll get in better shape

CloudLock New Year’s ResolutionsIn 2016, I will join a gym and go religiously. A six pack will no longer be what’s keeping me out of shape, and will instead become the proof of just how in-shape I am. (Translation: I will stop drinking beer, and my abs will be out of control. Just you wait…)

Okay, okay… we all know this promise is as empty as the party-sized bag of Doritos I just single-handedly scarfed down on my couch in front of the tv. But, here’s what you can do to make sure your organization is in the best shape possible when it comes to cybersecurity…

Start the New Year Off Right: Get a FREE Security Assessment

Get a Free Assessment to find out what shape your organization is in. Let us help you identify which areas you can focus on improving, and make 2016 the year you keep all your cybersecurity resolutions! Uncover cybersecurity risk across your entire cloud environment– IDaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS:

  • Expose potential compromised accounts, cloud malware, or data security violations
  • Validate adherence with internal or industry-governed regulations – PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, and more
  • Receive a business analysis, mapping findings to your organizational goals


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