Ask the Experts: 2016 Cybersecurity Predictions With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to start asking the important questions. What new cybersecurity challenges will we face? How…

Ask the Experts: 2016 Cybersecurity Predictions

Zack Gross

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With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to start asking the important questions. What new cybersecurity challenges will we face? How will priorities shift in the cloud? What should organizations do to prepare for the upcoming year? We took the chance to ask some leading cybersecurity experts for their thoughts. Head over to ITProPortal to read all that they had to say. Or, in the meantime, here’s a quick recap of their thoughts:

Presenter-DougMeier-100x100Doug Meier, Director of Information Security at Pandora

In 2016, Doug believes security professionals will retool the way they think about cybersecurity overall. “Information security is no longer ancillary to the product. Security is the product. There’s a growing awareness at non-technical leadership levels that security isn’t a one-off, but a constant. And, cloud vendors are beginning to understand that SSO integration is a must-have feature.”

unnamedDavid Duchan, Senior Security Solution Engineer at a Major Global Retailer

David predicts an exponential increase in smaller scale data exposures. “To combat this, companies need to embrace the desire for collaboration capabilities, while putting controls in place to only allow whitelisted applications and platforms to be installed or enabled in their environment. Investing in application and device control tools, and accepting that there is a cost to securely enabling productivity returns the power back to the company.”

2015-12-07 (1)Paul Locander, Senior Director of Global IT & CISO at BroadSoft

When thinking about upcoming challenges, Paul believes that companies will have to split their focus between preemptively preventing today’s threats while proactively anticipating those to come. “Organizations will start to become more aggressive in securing the end-points,” he says. “That is the greatest, softest attack vector being gone after today. The biggest challenge will continue to be forecasting what the next attack frontier will be tomorrow.”

2015-12-07David Meyer, Co-Founder & VP Product Management at OneLogin

David predicts a shift toward cross-platform identity management in the coming year. “Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will become more ubiquitous,” David believes. “It will be leveraged in the identity management platform to secure all applications rather than being restricted to individual apps. When it comes to detecting outlier behavior and mitigating risk, security policies will become more adaptive to context, rather than being defined by hard rules.”

unnamed (1)Yishai Beeri, Director of Cybersecurity Research at CloudLock

“2016 will bring about a newly heightened integration and consolidation in cloud security solutions. With the rising adoption of multiple SaaS, IDaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments– and a growing base of cloud security vendors– there’s an increasing need for security solutions to talk with each other, bringing cross-platform insights and alerts to a single pane of glass. With just 1% of users responsible for 75% of risk in the average organization, 2016 should be an interesting year.

Are You Prepared For 2016?

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