CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity as a Service

Fortify enterprise SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS environments and extend custom security services to homegrown applications as well as ISV offerings.

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CloudLock Cloud Cybersecurity Report: The 1% Who Can Take Down Your Organization

CloudLock Cloud Cybersecurity Report: The 1% Who Can Take Down Your Organization

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Security Reimagined:
CloudLock Cybersecurity as a Service

Security in its current form is broken. As our digital landscape continues to evolve, security leaders need to accept the truth: the traditional concept of a network no longer exists.

A fundamental shift in the way we conceptualize security is required. Security cannot be an afterthought but must be recognized as critical to business strategy from day one.

Pioneering the API-first approach in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Market, CloudLock provides the Cloud Security Fabric to fortify enterprise SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS environments and extend custom security services to homegrown applications as well as ISV offerings. CloudLock aggregates the intelligence of existing security systems and enriches this data with the insights of both the CloudLock CyberLab and the largest peer-driven, community-sourced analysis of cloud applications in the world, with reporting on over 91,000+ apps and counting.

Cloud Security at Scale

The Company We Keep

CloudLock enables more than 10 million users to leverage the benefits of the cloud for some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in the world.

Amag Pharmaceuticals
ACI - Universal Payments
Financial Times
Dreamworks Studios
  • It costs us about $195 for each social security number that gets exposed. You lose a file with one-hundred thousand Social Security numbers and you're talking some serious money there. CloudLock lets us find those files before the bad guys find them.

    Joel Rosenblatt, Director of Computer and Network Security Columbia University
  • CloudLock for Salesforce delivered value within minutes of installation, highlighting data in violation of our internal policies and then securing it without impacting end-users related to Salesforce’s native functionality, accessibility and native security.

    Bridgett Cherry, CRM Manager Dominion Enterprises
  • We have to have the same requirements as the medical industry. We have to keep things private. If we don’t have something like CloudLock, our files and our student information could all be available to the public. I would recommend CloudLock for any other K-12 institutions.

    John Krull, Information and Technology Officer Oakland Unified School District
  • Any organization that thinks about going into the cloud should look at CloudLock. It takes the guessing out of what you're doing as far as moving to a cloud based application.

    Billy Erb, Support Analyst Middlesex Hospital
  • Life would be really difficult without CloudLock. I would not have nearly the insight that I do. It's very easy to recommend for any size organization.

    Keegan Morrison, Cloud Architect/Linux System Administrator Dominion Enterprises

Holistic Cloud Security

  • Threat Protection

    Threat Protection

    One step ahead of you - two steps ahead of the enemy. Detecting and investigating suspicious behavior is simple with consolidated log storage, normalized log formats, preconfigured policies, and geolocation visualization.

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  • Cloud DLP

    Cloud DLP

    Protect your data in the cloud from cybersecurity threats and inadvertent misuse such as malicious data extraction.

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  • App Discovery and Control

    App Discovery & Control

    Discover and whitelist/blacklist apps that connect into your corporate environment. Leverage crowdsourced risk ratings, the largest peer-driven analysis of cloud applications in the world, reporting on over 91,000+ apps and counting.

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  • Risk Compliance and Management

    Risk & Compliance Management

    Reduce risk and meet regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, FERPA, and more.

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  • Auditing and Forensics

    Auditing & Forensics

    Access central auditing and forensics for public cloud apps, including track user access of privileged user modifications and record an immutable audit log of all actions performed.

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