Cloudlock’s near-real time incident detection will enable us to detect events as they happen, improve our ability to react quickly and keep our sensitive information safe and protected.

Dave Boxall, Head of Information Security, Guardian News and Media Group The Guardian View Case Study

Detect and Protect Sensitive Content in Your Google Apps Environment in Real-Time Without Any Impact on Your End Users.

Google builds very secure cloud apps. However, in a shared responsibility model the enterprise is responsible for protecting access and usage. CloudLock complements Google’s rich security capabilities with a specific focus on behavioral security.

The CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric. Detect and protect sensitive content in your Google Apps environment in real-time without any impact on your end users.

Manage the Entire Google Apps Adoption Lifecycle

CloudLock discovers, classifies and protects organizations’ most sensitive data in Google Apps, Google Drive for Work, Google+ and third-party apps authorizing access to your corporate Google environments in real-time.

Manage the Entire Google Apps Adoption Lifecycle

Protect Your Data in Google Apps from Cybersecurity Threats and Inadvertent Misuse

CloudLock gives you the visibility and control you need to protect sensitive data in Google Apps, allowing for fast detection and response to risks such as oversharing, inadvertent exposure, and cyberthreats.

CloudLock’s end-user notifications let us embrace the collaborative benefits of “going cloud” without concerns over data loss or accidental exposure.

Brian Carlson, Senior Systems Programmer at ACI Payment Systems
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Cloud Cybersecurity Report:
The Extended Perimeter

Key Findings:
  • Nearly one in four users (25%) own data that violates corporate security policy
  • 70% of corporate cloud-based collaboration occurs with non-corporate entities
  • Over half of third-party apps assessed in 2015 are banned due to security-related concerns
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Reduce Risk and
Meet Regulatory Compliance

CloudLock ensures compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, CIPA, FISMA, and FERPA, no matter how large or complex your Google Apps environment is.

Cloudlock gave us a handle on all exposures of documents, making our management more comfortable with cloud adoption and creating documents in google Docs. With Cloudlock we ensure that data subject to compliance is not exposed or lost.

Aldridge Fisher, Google Programme Manager, Financial Times

Minimize Risk from More than 77,000 Cloud Apps Connected to Google Apps

CloudLock focuses on the Shadow IT challenge that matters – those cloud and third-party apps that directly connect into your corporate Google Apps environment.

Minimize Risk from more than 9,000 Cloud Apps connected to Google Apps

Central Auditing and Forensics for Google Apps

Record an immutable audit trail of all user actions to investigate suspicious behavior and as evidence for compliance and forensics.

SaaS Solution

CloudLock’s API-based cloud-native architecture is completely SaaS-based and directly connects into your Google Apps environment without requiring any changes to the underlying infrastructure.

  • No network configurations or agents
  • No gateways
  • No reverse proxy deployments

CloudLock deploys in minutes and delivers immediate results. Your end users won’t even know they are using CloudLock unless a policy violation occurs.

Agentless, non-intrusive cloud-native SaaS solution
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People-Centric Security

With simple, yet powerful actions, CloudLock turns end-users into security advocates rather than opponents.

Notify your users in near real-time with remediation steps when policy violations occur to achieve business efficiency and security at the same time.

People Centric Security

Risk-Appropriate Controls and Selective Encryption

Security doesn’t have to mean an all-or-nothing approach. For your most sensitive corporate assets, set up policies to selectively encrypt files and documents automatically.

Response Actions
Ban Apps
Risk Appropriate

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