Apps Firewall

3rd Party Application Risk Management for Google Apps

Apps Firewall gives organizations the peace of mind that employees can use the apps they want securely, while establishing safeguards around apps that access accounts and data. Organizations use Apps Firewall to reduce risk, improve end-user productivity, and securely increase adoption of Google Apps.

Key features of Apps Firewall include:

  • Whitelist/Blacklist for classification of all third party apps in use across the Google Apps domain (including mobile and end-user Chrome store apps)
  • Automated Compliance for the automated revocation of insecure apps
  • Community Trust Rating for scalable policy creation and crowd-sourced risk insight

What's New Apps Firewall

Key Benefits

Discover, Classify, and Manage Third Party Apps

Apps Firewall - HeaderOn premise, security administrators deploy application whitelisting and blacklisting rules that control the use of externally sourced applications that have the ability to access user data. Similarly, in Google Apps, while some apps can be controlled via the cPanel, most cannot.

Apps Firewall gives organizations the visibility required to establish enterprise-class cloud security practices for their accounts and data, with comprehensive detection of third party apps granted access via OAUTH. With this information, security administrators can choose to whitelist or blacklist applications based on their risk profile, access level, and breadth of use.

Automated Compliance for Acceptable Application Policies

Revoke AppsLead time between rogue application implementation and control is a significant issue for most organizations. When users authorize apps off-network, such as from a mobile device or a personal computer, only CloudLock’s Apps Firewall can detect and automatically revoke them without any manual intervention from the IT team.

Any application can be blacklisted by classifying it as banned; Apps Firewall handles it from there, revoking the offender and then notifying the users that they installed a rogue app. If necessary, those notifications can also be shared with IT management and auditors.

Crowd-Sourced Confidence

Community Trust RatingMillions of applications are developed and released into the Google Apps ecosystem on an on-going basis, and understanding which are present in your domain and the potential risks they pose can be a daunting task. With Apps Firewall, security administrators can quickly identify which applications have been trusted or banned by the CloudLock community, and act with the knowledge that they are not alone in their efforts.

Apps Firewall’s Community Trust Rating and risk statistics harness and analyze the classification data collected from hundreds of Google Apps domains secured by Apps Firewall every day, and ensures that even in a modern, mobile, and highly dispersed environment, IT can maintain the same levels of security that they’ve traditionally enjoyed on-premise.

Key Benefits

Increased Productivity and Adoption of Google Apps

Third Party Apps AdoptionGoogle Apps’ platform extensibility provides an opportunity for enterprises to transform the way they deliver IT. The collaborative, diverse, and easy to access ecosystem of 3rd party applications allows employees to “work the way they live”, self-selecting applications that make them more productive and efficient.

Enterprises can accelerate and multiply the ROI of Google Apps by allowing their employees to adopt these third party tools, but need to do so in a way that promotes the best and most trustworthy apps while maintaining oversight and control over unsanctioned access to user data.

CloudLock Apps Firewall gives IT and security administrators the ability to extend their on-premise acceptable application policies to the cloud.

Reduce Risks from 3rd Party Apps

Smart phone with iconsApplications that have access to user data represent a unique risk in the cloud: every application is by extension an opportunity for an external vendor to access, modify, and potentially misuse their access. Malicious or improperly secured apps can be new risk vectors.

CloudLock Apps Firewall discovers all web and mobile apps, authorized by any users or administrator, and provides the ability to classify them based on risk profile and access scope, increase employee awareness with email alerts, and allows IT to revoke apps in bulk across the entire user base. With Apps Firewall, the entire extended security perimeter can be monitored and managed, effectively and efficiently.

Scalable Risk Management with Community Trust Rating

CrowdSourceKeeping track of the entire ecosystem of third party apps, vendors, and risks is an overwhelming task. Unique to CloudLock is the ability to turn to the collective wisdom of every organization and decision ever made around application classification and compliance, via CloudLock’s Community Trust Rating.

As the first and largest community of Google Apps security professionals involved in app management, CloudLock makes it possible to quickly see which apps present risk, and which can be leveraged to grow adoption and productivity, all from CloudLock’s simple Apps Firewall auditing interface.